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State of the Alameda Creek Watershed Webinar Series 2

Grab some lunch and join us for the second
State of the Alameda Creek Watershed Webinar Series 


Jim O'Connor, Assistant General Manager​ for Operations

East Bay Regional Park District​
Bob McCarrick, President

Dumbarton Quarry Associates & PSEC​

The Future Dumbarton Quarry Campground - Phase 1

Jim Summers, Vice President
DeSilva Gates Construction
Jeff Miller, Executive Director
Alameda Creek Alliance

Conservation Agreement with Center for Biological Diversity
Alameda Creek Fish Ladder Progress

Edward Reyes, P.E., Assistant Civil Engineer​

City of Livermore​
Drew Engstrom, QSD​

Stream Restoration Specialist​

Alameda County Resource Conservation District​

Arroyo Los Positas Low Flow Channel 
Springtown, City of Livermore​


acwForum Admin,

State of the Alameda Creek Watershed Webinar

Join us for the first State of the Alameda Creek Watershed Web Series event. These virtual events are taking the place of the cancelled State of the Watershed Conference that had previously been scheduled for March 2020. We encourage you to enjoy your lunch and learn about some of the projects happening in the Alameda Creek Watershed. 


Dave Halsing, Executive Project Manager South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project - Phase 2 at Eden Landing: Updates and Next Steps


Ian Howell, Resource Conservationist, ACRCD

Carbon Farming in Alameda County

Register today:

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Allison Rodacker,

Coastal Cleanup Month 2020
Your neighborhood

September marks the 36th annual California Coastal Cleanup. This year, let's help clean the beach by cleaning up in our neighborhoods each Saturday in September. 

The Alameda County Resource Conservation District is hosting the clean up effort throughout the county by supporting you, the volunteers! As you know, the pandemic has made gathering in groups unsafe. This year, let's help clean the beach by cleaning up in our  neighborhoods and local natural areas.  Beach cleanups start at our doors! Trash travels through storm drains, creeks, and rivers to become beach pollution.

Please visit for more information and register to volunteer for this important annual event.

Allison Rodacker,

Maintaining Water-Efficient Gardens and Irrigation Leak Detection

Lecture   Learn how to keep your garden healthy throughout the seasons with proper maintenance techniques including pest and weed management, pruning, mulching, and irrigation tips.  Discover how to identify irrigation system inefficiencies  and repair minor leaks.

Free Registration Required. 


Watershed Day at the Capitol

The California Watershed Network is holding its 13th annual "Watershed Day at the Capitol" in Sacramento on April 25th. The day includes a morning program (starting at 9 am) of updates on policy and legislation related to watershed restoration in California. The afternoon consists of visits to legislators offices to share stories and needs. More info soon at

Josh Bradt - BAWN (Bay Area Watershed Network),